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Birds of a Feather





Affirmation Quilt






Machine pieced, Machine quilted, Machine appliquéd, Thread painting, Acrylic painted

Each month one of the members of the group designed a block and had all of the other members make a block based on that design and to give back to the designer of the block. When it was my turn, I made a wonky square which was the inspiration for the blocks I wanted the ladies to make for me. The teamwork that we created felt really good to me. I got thinking about the tradition of quilters getting together around the quilting frame at quilting bees and in my mind’s eye saw the image from above which became the subject of “Birds of a Feather” surrounded by the wonky squares created by the Modern Day Quilting Bee.

I like thinking my work is always absolutely original; that I’m completely independent in creating it. More often, though, I see that I’m inspired by all sorts of quilts, quilt traditions and quilters, including the 11 women who made the wonky squares for this piece. But I do have my own take on it, my own independent interpretation and that my final quilt is recognizable as a Therese May Quilt!

Wonky Squares made by:

Modern Day Quilting Bee 2012

Sharon Alves

Sandra Bruce

Deirdre Campbell

Lindsey Cleveland

Donna Fry

Becky Kyler

Therese May

Sheila McCall

Marjorie McConnell

Amy Novak

Tricia Pellegino