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Ethans Noahs Ark Quilt


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My boyfriend, Larry asked me to make a Noah's Ark quilt for him. First, I did a drawing of my version of Noah's Ark with several pairs of animals, including giraffes, which are some of Larry's favorite animals and two fish in the water, which are some of my favorite creatures to draw. And, of course, the rainbow, adds a feeling of gladness to the picture. The quilt I made for Larry hangs above the bed in our cabin in the Sierras and looks spectacular in the room.

But, while I was working on Larry's quilt, my grandson, Ethan saw it hanging on the studio wall and said, "Grandma, would you please make me a "Noah's Ark Quilt, too? So, I ordered the drawing printed on fabric again and began. This time, I ordered some fabric printed with some of Ethan's drawings and used it for the border. Ethan loves his quilt! Even though it could be hung on the wall, he enjoys curling up on the couch with it while watching his favorite movies with his dad.

Let me know if you would like me to make a "Noah's Ark" Quilt for you!


Detail of Ethan's Noah's Ark Quilt