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Home Sweet Home






Affirmation Quilt





58"x47" Drawing printed on fabric, thread, acrylic paint, buttons, machine quilted

I've been into drawing all of my life, and lately I've been thinking how important this talent is to me as a means of expression. I used to draw almost all of the time, but as my life has taken different directions, I haven't drawn quite as much. I'm getting back to it and to appreciating my talent and the images coming into being as a result. The days when my grandson is here with me, we spend the whole time in my studio and we draw. I see the significance this practice has been in shaping my own character and knowing that my grandson is a talented artist in his own right, I encourage him to keep doing the work that can help shape his life for the good.
I love the fact that I can transform a drawing into a quilt by having it printed onto fabric and then I can quilt it with my longarm machine!