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One Size fits One






50"x44" Recycled and Reused Fabrics, Beads, Buttons, Braids, Acrylic Paint, Machine Quilted thread, machine appliqué, hand embellished

“One Size Fits One”, All recycled fabrics. The embroidered flower panel was given to me by a friend and the rest was discarded designer fabrics. The two embellished panels on both sides of the top of the piece were left over from the many embellished quilts I made during the 90’s. I used them to form the kimono shape for the quilt, but it was really for the function of finding a creative use for these decorative objects. By recycling, I was influenced by my grandmothers and aunts who always found ways to see the abundance in what they already had. The female vase form I painted on the surface expresses a feeling of fullness and abundance. Some of the paint glows in the dark, but the only meaning is that I ran out of white paint, so I used the glow in the dark paint. I think this gives the piece a little surprise when you turn off the lights. I chose the title “One Size Fits One” to affirm my own unique viewpoint.