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Perfectly Imperfect










Perfectly Imperfect 56"x79" fabric, thread, printed fabric with my images, acrylic paint

Writing is a wonderful way to move through mental blocks and so is quilt making.  A combination of the two can be very healing for the maker as well as the viewer. Writing with fabric paint on the surface of my quilt gives it an added energy and good feeling for me and for the audience.

Every so often I worry about whether or not I’m good enough, because I have so many flaws or my quilt has flaws according to how I’m feeling at any given moment. Perhaps what I imagine others are thinking is really my own judgment or my own fear of the unknown. In this quilt I let go of it all and I said to myself, just go with the flow; have a great time making the thing and whatever the judges decide is ok. Either way, my quilt and I are Perfectly Imperfect!!

Design Inspiration

I began with a drawing of a rose bush flanked by black cats and made it into an appliqué. I love the images of early American hooked rugs, with animals and plants as subject matter, so this is often a starting point for me.  I also love American quilts, one of them being the log cabin design.  Previously, I had sewn together some pieces of fabric to make a house shape, a nice idea, but it wasn’t working very well, so I allowed myself to cut it all into strips and sew them around my appliqué work.  Then I added some other animal patches to the sides of my “Log Cabin” to serve as “guardians”