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Prayer for Raining Cats and Dogs




This quilt is part of a traveling exhibit.

Affirmation Quilt






Drawing printed onto fabric, some commercial fabric, thread, beads, acrylic paint, machine pieced, machine applique, machine quilted

Prayer for Raining Cats and Dogs

I chose to create this quilt because I was attracted to the saying, “Raining Cats and Dogs.” In my repertory of drawings I have many images of cats and dogs, plus here in California we are currently having a drought. So, I decided to make an artwork that would affirm the idea of literally raining cats and dogs as a humorous but sincere prayer for rain here in the Golden State. In my quilt, it’ s raining cats and dogs and the pet cats and dogs are looking out the windows at the cat and dog rain drops.

New York Beauty Quilt Influence (partly) the rest improvised