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44"x28" Fabric, acrylic paint, thread, machine appliqué, machine quilted, buttons

Remnants of Life; leftovers used up; the hole is filled with Love.  When it’s all done, the Black Hole is the most important space.  It’s the shape of a heart ready to receive.  Once the old parts are cleared away, there is room for the important stuff which is what really matters the most.

This series is about bringing it all back home and wrapping it up.  It’s about calling back, bringing back and claiming my power.  It’s about allowing the creative process to flow through me and to express what it wants to express rather than worrying about what other people think.  I have enjoyed this process because it is my own and not based on fear.  I am committed to the authentic expression of me.  I have enjoyed doing this because I have finished some loose ends, and discovered a new beginning.  I like the bubbles representing ideas floating away into nothingness symbolizing letting go of anything that no longer serves me.