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Trees Are good for You






Affirmation Quilt






89"x63" Drawing printed onto fabric, some commercial fabric, thread, beads, acrylic paint, machine pieced, machine applique, machine quilted

I love Trees, because they are beautiful.  I walk every morning and observe the shapes and patterns they make, especially the negative shapes, which are very interesting.  I love when the spring leaves all come out, and when I can breathe so much better because of the wonderful oxygen greenery everywhere provides.  Trees are truly good for us and for our earth!  Their roots keep the soil from eroding and causing mudslides.  Their leaves and branches provide shade for all of us and keep us from having heatstroke in the summer. While travelling in the car I often see cattle taking refuge from the hot sun under the big California Oaks, acting as giant umbrellas.  Trees also give us the most amazing fruits, nuts and berries to eat. And where would the story of Adam and Eve be without the tree of the forbidden fruit where they picked the apple they ate?  Trees have been subject matter for great art throughout the ages. As a child, I would often draw a house, a tree and flowers; the most natural subject matter for most children in their art.

I believe that trees are good for me.  I also know that making quilts is very good for me and I love doing it.  I love having my drawings printed onto fabric at because it makes me feel good to see my own fabric designs; plus making it all into a quilt is very healing.  Now that I have a longarm machine, I love doing the quilting itself, which is very good for me.  I love the whole process of making quilts.