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Creative Heart



This piece is on exhibit at the Texas Quilt Museum

in "Kimono Quilts and Kimonos." It will become
available in November, 2015




Creative Heart






96"x66" Fabric, thread, paint, machine appliqué, machine quilting, painted fabric, paint writing.

The creative process is a part of everything in life.  My thinking is what creates what will happen in my life.  I get an idea and a desire for something and I act on it  setting the process in motion.  If the idea comes from my heart, then the result is something wonderful.  The images in this quilt are all from my heart—flowers, birds, clouds, hearts, the kimono shape.  The hands of the quilting pattern sign “I Love You”.  The paint writing covering the entire surface of the piece are the repetitive affirmation of “ONE” for one people, one life.