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30"x40" Fabric, thread, acrylic paint, polymer clay, buttons, machine applique, machine quilted

I like to bring all of my ideas together by writing words on the surfaces of my quilts over and over again such as “One” or “Here” and “Now” or “Om Ma”, “Peace”, “Joy” and “Love.” Picture this:  A big quilt with an image of the earth, with all of its green land and blue oceans and white clouds passing around it….Written over the entire surface:

Healthy wealthy wise healthy wealthy wise healthy wealth wise healthy wealthy wise healthy wealthy wise healthy wealthy wise healthy wealthy wise healthy wealthy wise.

In this particular piece, I chose the word, “NOW” as my subject matter.  I like the shapes of the letters and I was thinking about how they would look if they were floating in outer space, kind of like big monuments or monoliths.  The braided rug pattern border and the hooked rug shape of the piece give the feeling of home.  The “N” and the “W” of the word are both very open shaped letters which give a feeling of possibility and movement.  The ”O” of the word is a closed shape, which gives a secure feeling of containment.  In the “O”, I have placed a cup full of Love.  We can only really have life right here and right now.  We can only really love in the present moment.