Therese May Art Quilts
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"I received the box filled with your artistic love! Thank you so much. The quilts are gorgeous and the colors and embellishments - buttons, paint, braids and love dots! - bring them to life. Truly pieces of art from the heart. I feel it! And thank you for the additional 'small cup of love' generous." Kathryn Schlichting

I have known Therese over the past 20 years and love of her many artistic talents.  My living room is fabulous because of a large rose wall hanging quilt (in remembrance of my mother-in law whose name was Rose) custom pillows and a painted table.  In my dinning room I have a small quilt with a smiling coffee cup and painted dishes.  I adore the use of organic composition and that her art appears to be folkloric.  My husband and I found we share many things in common with Therese, so it was only natural to buy one of her paintings for our anniversary.  Therese’s art forms the common thread that ties all my art whether they are dedicated to the female form or are indigenous.  My home would not be complete without her talent.

-- Cecelia Salazar Arroyo


I feel very fortunate to have Therese's work in my home. I have one of Therese's quilts, which she created for me as an anniversary gift for my husband, as the centerpiece in my office. It should be in my husband's office, but I just couldn't let it go! I had to get another gift for him. It's a large quilt with the word "LOVE" embellished on it and it inspires me whenever I enter the room. It gathers a lot of "OOHs" and "AHs" from other people, too! The colors are bright and cheerful, and the archetypal images and flowers within the quilt make me feel so much at home. And my clients feel truly welcomed when they come in the door!

-- Steph Dugdale


The moment I first saw Therese May’s incredibly beautiful and provocative work will remain with me forever. As a member of the San Jose Arts Commission, I was serving on the Convention Center Public Art Selection Committee with fellow commissioners and “art experts,” in the 1980’s, reviewing slides from California’s most respected artists, including a rare few local artists. When we came upon Therese’s marvelous embellished art quilt of a cup of coffee with steam ascending to the heavens, the group literally gasped and immediately gravitated to her as our first and only unanimous selection. Her eventual work, a very large and spectacular “Animal Spiral,” filled with animal images, was so outstanding that she was commissioned to do a second art quilt, named “Butterfly.” Both quilts prominently hang in the Convention Center drawing attention from admiring visitors.

It is my good fortune to have gotten to know this unique and lovely individual and to own several much-cherished pieces of her work, art quilts that lighten our hearts and please our eyes every day in our home. I most admire that Therese was willing to work with me as a client, graciously and creatively taking an amorphous idea of utilizing items collected over the years, including fabric, buttons and pictures, to create a Commemorative 35th Anniversary Quilt for my husband, all the while combining her ideas, imagination and sense of imagery and beauty. This piece hangs above our fireplace mantle and catches everyone’s attention as they enter our home. In addition to her exceptional talent, Therese is the quintessential thoughtful, sensitive, attentive and caring individual who teaches us all how much we benefit from those who have been given this unique interpretive and creative ability. As a role model and teacher, she even helps us all to get in touch with those very characteristics -- perhaps more hidden, but also present in ourselves. 

-- Nancy Wiener 866-292-3247 To Top of Page